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What our clients say about us...

"Your mortgage audit uncovered mortgage overcharges of $38,000 which the lender refunded to me! I'm so glad i contacted Loantech." - James P., Denver, CO.

"Loantech's mortgage audit uncovered errors in my bank's calculations -- and they totalled nearly $12,000 which was refunded to me. Every homeowner with a mortgage should use your service." - Ron H., Hunt Valley, MD

"After arguing with the lender for two years, I had Loantech perform an audit. The bank refunded $3,000 within two weeks!" - Ms. Beverly H., Sacramento, CA

"Loantech's escrow audit uncovered an overcharge of $4,036 which the bank refunded to me. The lender also dropped our PMI payment which saves us $160 monthly! Thanks so much for your help." - Veronica S., Dallas, TX

 "As a result of Loantech's figures, the judge overruled the lender's objections and agreed with your audit report. Your work was the underlying basis for the injunction. Thanks so much!"

- George C., Los Angeles, CA

"Your expert witness work was helpful and thank you for your efforts." - Donna S., Attorney, New York, NY​​