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Mortgage Audit Software

ArmAuditorPRO Software

The ArmAuditorPRO™ is used by mortgage industry professionals to audit all types of adjustable-rate and fixed-rate loans. The software verifies the accuracy of the lender’s monthly calculations of rates, payments, amortization and loan balance and the detailed audit report can reflect actual payment histories. The ArmAuditor is used to perform compliance or quality control reviews or to audit individual loans or loan portfolio samples. The software includes a database of historic index values that is periodically updated. FREE lifetime support.

Price: $395. Buy Now

                   "Very impressive! The screens are easy to understand."

                                                - Diane P., Manager, $42 Billion Loan Servicer

Forensic Mortgage Auditor Software (Forensic Loan Audit Software)

Forensic Mortgage Auditor is an easy to use application that quickly performs forensic loan audits for all types of mortgages. The software uncovers violations of federal lending laws including TILA, RESPA, Reg. Z, HOEPA and predatory lending. The detailed private label audit report also shows errors in the annual percentage rate (APR), finance charges, rescission period and identifies predatory lending. FREE lifetime toll-free support from industry experts and FREE updates are included. There are no additional costs.  

Price: $395. Buy Now

                    "Loantech's Forensic Loan Audit software is easy to use."

                                                 Eve S., Expert witness; Consultant to FDIC and FBI.

Forensic Mortgage Auditor LITE  Software

Sold only to consumers for limited use. Uncovers lender TILA/RESPA violations, APR miscalculations and predatory lending.

Price: $95. Buy Now