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"My PMI was removed after Loantech's audit and the lender refunded  me $4,036!"  - Veronica S., Texas              ​

"Saving mortgage borrowers millions of dollars since 1983."

​​"Homeowners are often unsure

about when PMI should

be terminated." 

-- New York Times 

PMI Terminator™ Shows How to Remove PMI Early Without Refinancing!

       Homeowners who lacked 20 percent equity when they obtained a conventional (non FHA or VA) mortgage are probably paying for private mortgage insurance, or PMI, which adds up to $350 to their mortgage payment.

​       ​  Most homeowners know PMI can be cancelled when the loan balance reaches 80% of the home’s original value, but many are not aware of the many other ways PMI can be removed, and without refinancing! That's because PMI removal is complicated -- it's based not just on the loan balance and original home value, but on the interplay among numerous other factors including the loan's rate, term and age, whether home improvements or prepayments were made and which investor owns the loan.  

        The PMI Terminator™ report is personalized for each borrower and shows the eight ways to remove PMI without refinancing. It also includes a "Lender PMI Removal Letter."  

        Thousands of Loantech's clients have received bank refunds for mortgage and escrow overcharges. The bank refunded over $4,000 to Veronica S., of Texas, and her PMI was cancelled, saving her $180 every month! Read about it here and see a copy of her actual refund check!


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