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The PMI Terminator™ Report Shows the 8 Ways that PMI can be dropped.
Tired of paying $50, $100 or even $300 every month for private mortgage insurance, or PMI? Most homeowners know PMI cancels when the loan balance reaches 80% of the home’s original value but there are actually 8 ways to get rid of PMI.

The PMI Terminator™ customized 8-page report is based on calculations involving many factors including how long you’ve owned your home, its current value, your interest rate and any home improvements you may have made.

Veronica S., of Texas, got rid of her $180 PMI payment and received a refund of


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"I am now saving $180 every month! Loantech's PMI Terminator™ was so easy. 

Thanks Loantech!" -- Veronica S., Texas.

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​​"Homeowners are unsure when PMI should be terminated." 

-- New York Times 

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