PMI Terminator™ Software (PMI Cancellation Software)
In response to the many inquiries from real estate agents, mortgage professionals and entrepreneurs, the PMI Terminator™ software application is now available.  

Over 5 million homeowners are paying an extra $50, $100, or even $300 monthly for private mortgage insurance, or PMI. However, the rules for dropping PMI are complicated and homeowners are unsure how they can get rid of PMI. The PMI Terminator™ software makes it simple by preparing personalized reports that show homeowners the many scenarios when PMI can be dropped. These reports are identical to the reports provided by Loantech to homeowners seeking this service. 

The report is based on hundreds of calculations involving many factors such as the home’s purchase price, sale date,  current value, loan amount and interest rate, any home improvements and who holds the mortgage. The report is easy to understand because it’s written in plain english with no mortgage jargon or buzzwords.

     “My lender dropped my $180 PMI monthly payment and also refunded me $4,000!”
                                                 -- Veronica S., Texas
               “An effective lead generator that also generates value-added income.”
                                                 -- Bruce G., California
The software is easy to use and each report takes only ten minutes. Users can view/print/email the completed personalized report. Reports can also be private labelled to include user’s contact information.

The PMI Terminator™ software package includes everything you need to successfully offer this service to homeowners -- PMI Terminator™ copyrighted CD, User Guide, Marketing Tool Kit, FREE updates and support, Quick Start Guide. Everything is sent via FedEx so you’ll have a hard copy backup. 

Price: $495. Buy N​ow


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