ArmCheck™ Mortgage  Audit (for Residential and Commercial Mortgages)

​​The ArmCheck™ mortgage audit uncovers mortgage overcharges by verifying the accuracy of lender calculations of rates, payments, interest, amortization and loan balances for all types of mortgages including fixed-rate, adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) and home equity lines of credit (HELOCs). This audit also verifies the accuracy of a loan balance payoff when refinancing or selling a property. 

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EscrowCheck™ Audit
The EscrowCheck™ audit uncovers overcharges in the escrow (impound) account by verifying the accuracy of the monthly escrow payment and determines if excess funds are in the reserve account. Escrow accounts pay recurring expenses of property taxes and insurance, and overcharges result from faulty software or human error. This audit also verifies the accuracy of an escrow balance payoff when refinancing or selling a property.    

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Forensic Mortgage Audit

A Forensic Mortgage Audit (FMA) is a detailed examination of mortgage documents that uncovers fee overcharges, incorrect APR or finance charge calculations and violations of federal regulations including TILA, RESPA, Reg. Z and predatory lending. Homeowners can use the FMA to negotiate a loan modification, foreclosure or short sale.  

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Mortgage Securitization Audit  

A Mortgage Securitization Audit (MSA) is a detailed analysis of mortgage documents and chain of title history that verifies the ownership and transfer of an individual mortgage to a trust or mortgage-backed security.   Homeowners can use the MSA findings to negotiate a short sale, loan modification or foreclosure. 

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Mortgage Securitization Audit PLUS (for legal professionals) 

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Personalized Research and Consulting Service

Loantech offers customized consulting and expert witness services tailored to the needs of individual clients. These analysis or reports are performed for all types of clients -- consumers, lenders, brokers, investors, attorneys or accountants. Loantech can analyze any type of financial transaction including residential and commercial real estate financing, credit cards or student loans. Fees for these services vary by assignment.

"Thanks Loantech for uncovering mortgage overcharges of $34,000 and escrow overcharges of $15,000! Thanks for all your hard work."  - Roger S., California

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Loantech performs a variety of audit services which are described below.  Loantech uses proprietary technology to perform an in-depth examination of lender calculations and loan documents to uncover any overcharges or other lender mistakes.  Audit reports show the correct calculations of interest charges, amortization, monthly payments and loan balances.  In addition, audit reports include an expert opinion letter, summary of findings and a notarized affidavit verifying the validity and accuracy of the audit results. 

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