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The national media has continually heralded the value of Loantech’s innovative products and services. Since 1983, the firm has been cited in hundreds of publications including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, MONEY, Newsweek, Business Week, Consumer Reports, Kiplinger’s and The New York Times. The firm’s president is quoted frequently in the national media and has appeared on ABC's Good Morning America, CBS, NBC and CNN.

Here are just a few samples:

“Mortgage Audits Can Help You Save You Money. Loantech’s audit saved Ms. Hames over $3,000.” -- The Wall Street Journal

"Loantech will provide a computer printout checking the accuracy of an ARM payment."

-- New York Times

“Loantech checks the accuracy of your lender’s ARM adjustments.”-- Forbes

"Ms. Montgomery forwarded her Loantech report to the lender and $2,700 was credited to her loan. Get a second opinion from Loantech.”-- Kiplinger’s

"Loantech checks loan calculations for accuracy."-- Jane Bryant Quinn, NEWSWEEK