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Loantech LLC is the nation’s leading provider and developer of copyrighted mortgage audit services and software. Since 1983, the firm’s expertise and copyrighted software has helped thousands of clients make informed financing decisions. The firm first gained national attention when it uncovered inaccuracies in adjustable rate mortgage computations. The firm also provides expert witness and litigation support services to its varied clients. The national media has continually featured Loantech’s array of innovative products and services. The firm has been frequently cited by such publications as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, MONEY, Consumer Reports and The New York Times.

The firm’s founder and president is David I. Ginsburg, a nationally known mortgage expert who has appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS, NBC and CNN. Mr. Ginsburg has extensive experience in all facets of the mortgage industry. Previously Mr. Ginsburg was the Mortgage Product Manager at the Student Loan Marketing Association (Sallie Mae) and a real estate analyst with the National Association Of Realtors®. Early in his career, Mr. Ginsburg was an analyst with the U.S. Government Accountability Office (previously U.S. General Accounting Office.) David holds a B.S. from The Ohio State University and earned an M.B.A. from The American University.


The national media media has continually heralded the value of Loantech’s innovative products and services. Since 1983, the firm has been cited in hundreds of publications including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, MONEY, Newsweek, Business Week, Consumer Reports, Kiplinger’s and The New York Times. The firm’s president is quoted frequently in the national media and has appeared on ABC's Good Morning America, CBS, NBC and CNN.


"Your mortgage audit uncovered overcharges of $38,000 which the lender refunded to me! I'm so glad I contacted Loantech!"

- J. P., Denver, CO

"Your ARM audit report uncovered $12,000 in errors in my bank's mortgage calculations. Every homeowner with a mortgage should use your service."

- R.H., Hunt Valley, MD

"Your work was the underlying basis for the court's injunction."

- G.C., Los Angeles, CA

"After arguing with the lender for two years, I had Loantech perform an audit. The bank refunded $3,000 within two weeks!"

- Ms. B.H., Sacramento, CA