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Comparing mortgage rates used to be difficult. Until now. The Loantech Calculator™​​​​uncovers hidden loan fees by comparing rate quotes that loan shoppers have already received from lenders. It picks the best loan and saves loan shoppers thousands of dollars!   

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"Nearly half of mortgage borrowers don't shop around to compare lenders!"                                                                                    -- U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

"The Loantech Calculator uncovers hidden lender fees." 

      - Florida Realtors Association


"Loantech's new online calculator makes mortgage fees transparent." 

       - Los Angeles Times​   


"Until now, there was no easy way for loan shoppers to determine the amount of loan fees lenders were tacking onto deals. Now there is!"        

          - Ken Harney, real estate columnist 

"Loantech's Calculator shows that slight differences in APRs can mean thousands of dollars in hidden fees."

           - Credit.com