We value your interest. Since 1983.

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"After Loantech's mortgage audit, the bank refunded me $14,600! Thanks Loantech for your hard work." --Roger S., San Diego, CA 

"Loantech's mortgage audit uncovered an overcharge of $21,000 which was refunded to the borrower." -- Jane Bryant Quinn, author of bestseller Making the Most of Your Money Now 

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                     WE VALUE YOUR INTEREST. SINCE 1983.

"Mortgage audits can save you money. Loantech's mortgage audit saved Ms. Hames $3,000." -- THE WALL STREET JOURNAL 

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        Loantech LLC is a leading provider of mortgage audit services, mortgage audit software, student loan audits and mortgage online calculators to consumers and real estate professionals. Loantech's mortgage audit services and software applications verify the accuracy of all types of lender calculations, uncover mortgage overcharges and determine compliance with federal lending regulations. According to surveys by Loantech and government officials, errors and overcharges often occur in mortgages and escrow accounts.

       Since 1983, Loantech has audited over $3.5 billion of mortgage loans and has uncovered overcharges of $2.8 million resulting in refunds to homeowners ranging from $300 to $38,000.

       Loantech is recommended by the American Bar Association's Guide to Homeownership and the National Association of Tax Professionals and featured in the media including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, MONEY, Kiplinger, NBC, CBS, CNN and ABC's Good Morning America