​​"Loantech's mortgage audit uncovered a $21,000 overcharge which was refunded to the borrower" - THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

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​​​​​       If you think you've been overcharged for your mortgage, escrow account or student loan, you should contact Loantech. Since 1983, Loantech has audited over 10,000 mortgages and escrow accounts, valued at over $3.5 billion, and has uncovered overcharges in excess of $3.7 million. Loantech's audits have also identified miscalculations and federal lending violations resulting in thousands of homeowners receiving individual refunds ranging from $500 up to $38,000. The firm's StudentLoanEXACT™ audit service uncovers student loan miscalculations and verifies the accuracy of student loan payments, interest charges and loan balances.   

     Loantech is a leading national provider of mortgage audit services, mortgage audit software and calculators to consumers and real estate professionals. The firm is recommended by the American Bar Association's Guide to Homeownership and the National Association of Tax Professionals. 

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